“Temple Shalom Preschool has exceeded our family’s expectations in every way. Our daughters are not only receiving a wonderful preschool education from teachers who feel like family, but they are also learning the importance of friendship and compassion. These skills will prepare them for excellence in their future both in and out of the classroom.”              
- Lisa Barden

"Walking in to Temple Shalom Preschool each morning is like walking into a big hug! Our children began attending the Mommy & Me program as babies and now, at 7 and 4, I can't say enough great things about Temple Shalom preschool. Everyone is greeted with a big smile at the door. If a child is having a rough morning (or like my daughter is apt to do, having a meltdown), the staff helps calm the situation down and ensures each child feels good about starting their school day."

"My 7-year-old spent 3 years at Temple Shalom Preschool and is now doing great in first grade. He began reading independently and doing simple math at age 4. More importantly, Temple Shalom taught him how to be a good learner and how to behave in school -- how to take turns, be kind, settle disagreements with his classmates, share, etc... When he was in pre-K we looked at several different elementary schools and all were very impressed that our son attended Temple Shalom. They all said that the children from Temple Shalom arrived well-prepared for kindergarten."